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Breeding at Thorndale

Currently in the tank we have Lebron, Teaton (Secret x Tristan), Nomad, Collection, Bonanza, Galaxy (Premium x Goldie), sexed Goldwyn (Agenda x Glee), sexed and conventional Prelude Zeus, Tornado (Premium x Tipster), Explorer (Wonderment son), Carmello (Vigor son), Tex (Ensign x Tippy), Basehit, CoPilot and sexed Parker. As well a new herd bull, our Jetway ET son x Feeling Blu.



Top Acres Basehit ET

Basehit Tara- 3 yr old fresh 13 months 1st Lact

Top Acres Basehit ET was an exciting bull on the farm, full brother to Blue Chip, he is a Banker out of the great Bouquet. This bull is very tall as expected. Many pregnancies on the way, and many calves already standing in the pens and on the pasture. His oldest daughter is pictured to the right as a calf and is now fresh. All his milking daughters are testing very well and have identical udders, very pleasing to see on each cow. They are all very tall and flashy with mammaries to match.

Our overall summary of him, he makes them TALL with huge style, dairyness, and length every time. Good udders, protect strength and rib.

Basehit Star- Summer Yearling

Top Acres Pre Bouquet- dam of Basehit

Basehit's oldest daughter Sweetheart- 1st Lact 3 yr fresh 12 months

Sweetheart- Rear shot


Sweetheart- as a winter calf



Top Acres Co PILOT ET


CoPilot- summer '06

We also are using our own bull, Top Acres Co PILOT ET. Co Pilot is the maternal brother to Jet Pilot, Pawnee, Paddy, Pinnacle, and other great offspring from the famous Price cow. We had him collected, and still we have a supply available. His daughters consistently are very deep with the strength in the shoulder that we have been needing. His daughters have calved in with high wide rear udders, short and perfectly square teat placement, and a lot of cleft to the udder. One of his daughters is to the right as a Winter Yearling.  He is a very good compliment to Basehit and Jetway.



Dam of Co Pilot: Top Acres Emory Price 4E94 


CoPilot daughter "Corvette" x VG88 Jetway- as a Winter yearling

Collection- Sire of Co Pilot