The Thorndale Crew



Scott with Lucky Charm- August Jetway x Feeling Lucky

Scott and Feeling Blu moments after dad lead her to
1st Senior Yearling NYS Fair 2005
Scott had to stand on crutches with his broken ankle and watch!
Don proudly leads our Best 3 Females from their 1st place has been a long road to get there.
NYS Fair 2005
Kristen- our girl in the ring-------------
Kris with her first cow, 20 yr.old "Honey", and her latest calf
"Sweet as Honey"(June '05xElvis)
Show Day - Monroe 2005
Let the early morning scramble begin!
"The Boss"
While everyone else rests, Don is on the watch.
Ma Kuszlyk doing top lines at Erie

Thanks to "Ma" and all of Kuszlyk Cattle Company for all the support and assistance we share at the shows and for keeping us in the game.

Harrisburg 2005 Crew
Thanks to Kuszlyk Cattle Company- Ma, John, and Stevo for getting them there.
Thanks to Emily and Jason for taking such great care of them, and making them look their best.
Emily, Dustin, and Steve- thanks for leading them for us!