How Thorndale Operates

The milking cows are housed at Greg Shantz's farm in Loweville, NY. Most the cows are on a bedded pack and look show ready year round.
In Batavia, calves are housed in individual hutches, and fed milk replacer, calf starter grain, and alfalfa.  At weaning, calves are moved into the calf barn and penned with others close in age. They receive a diet of grain, and hay until leaving the calf barn. At breeding age heifers are moved to the outside group, or back pasture depending on season, and location of the herd bull.
  Don and Scott split time doing most chores, field work, and machinery maintenance.  The whole family and many friends all kick in to make sure we have everything covered during the numerous weeks of the show season.   Additional thanks especailly to Gabe and Billy Jack for all the help they continue to offer when it is needed!

Shawnee  Ex 91 with 92 MS