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2012 Show season: 

All housed here at Thorndale:

ForFront Bnz TipTop- Nominated All American and Reserve All Canadian Fall Calf, Nominated Jr Best 3

ForFront Bnz Winter- Nominated All Canadian Winter Calf, and nominated All American Jr Best 3

ForFront Prkr Too Much- Nominated All Canadian Winter Calf, and nominated All American Jr Best 3

Got some new youngesters up and coming in the pen for 2013.

Looking forward to this next year, and the big steps to come.


2011 NYS Fair Open Show- the first real representation of Feeling Blu's Daughters and Granddaughters

It was her string, and we recieved many compliments on the pattern that is there.

Wait to you see the young ones yet to come!!




(Powersurge x Blu)

Now Ex90 w/ 92 MS

Just flushed to Lebron- 7 #1's and #3 implanted- awaiting results

she is on pace for 40,000 as 4 yr old


We are now Feeling Blu


We lost our great cow, the foundation of todays herd, and a treasure in our hearts!

After years of recovering from a broken back, she gave birth to a beautiful heifer calf. Despite having half the barn to herself,

milking 90 lbs per day on once a day milking, the nerve damage was too much to over come when getting taken down by a heifer who

snuck into her pen and jumped her.  She never got back up, and we lost Blu that night on the trailer as she was heading to Trans Ova for emergency IVF. The trip just took to many hours for anything else,but a great thanks to Trans Ova staff for their willingness to accomodate

our needs.  Blu was laid to rest just feet from the pasture where she was born, at home, with all her daughters and son near by.

Thorndale Touch's Feeling Blu, Big Blu, Big Momma, My Love- you will forever be missed but never forgotten. ~SCP




Maybe over kill, but she deserves it

Thorndale Touch's Feeling BLU

(Blue Chip x Chime x Cedric)


1st Sr. Yearling 2005 NYS Fair

1st Sr. 2 Year Old 2006 NYS Fair

3rd Sr. 2 Year Old 2006 Eastern National


(Powersurge x Blu)  Ex90 w/ E92 mammary


Blu's Powersurge Intensity, her new picture is ABOVE


( Parker x Blu)

Blu's oldest daughter


2011 5 yr old, milking 14 months and still got it.                                 2 year old pics                                                               


and as a 4 year old

Just fresh only3 weeks, 3rd lactation- 63 inches- following her Mama's foot steps

Lucky Charm- August '10 Jetway x Feeling Lucky


(July '09 Basehit x Parker Feeling Lucky x Blu)


             Jr 2  2011 NYS Fair           3rd Summer Yrling Eastern National             Preg here with Total HC- calf looks awesome


VG 87 w 88 MS


Full Genetic Sister to Blu x Basehit (Banker x Bouquet)

Blu's full sister is growing like the family with a smashing udder, due in July with her second calf- heifer x Goldwyn



  Blu's Powersurge Intensity on left, Blu's Parker Lucky on Right leading out.                            Feeling Blu herself                                             

Thorndale has now gone "GREEN" blowing in the wind!!!!
September 2007- we finally got our 2 windmills standing in the pasture with the cows.
These windmills will be used to power the farm and house.



*** Thorndale Prelude Taryn****

We're proud of how she has developed for the Averys in PA

We have sold many calves and heifers over the years, we are happy and proud to see them and how they are doing at many different shows. Keep us updated on any Thorndale Swiss you may have, as the Averys always do.


For Sale

As you can see above, we are selling them left and right. If you are interested in purchasing animals, contact us and let us know what you are looking for. At that time we will be able to let you know what we have on the ground, and what embryos and semen are in the tank.

Please contact us:

  Don at or (585) 343-7264
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